What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnel is a business process, where businesses lead their customers through purchasing products or services. Any business needs to adapt to the process of sales funnel for persuading their leads to customers. Through sales funnel, a business can understand the visitor’s journey before purchasing the product or service.

Companies have started applying Digital Marketing instead of Traditional Marketing as their foremost source to capture leads and promote their products/services.

Let us understand the stages of Sales Funnel in a Digital Marketing point of view.


In this stage, the leads are looking out for remedies to their problems. They look for solutions by visiting Social Media platforms, Advertisements, Google, and so forth.


In this stage, the business organization will have to provide what the lead needs. A website should contain solutions according to the leads’ problems. Blogs and Videos should be uploaded so that leads’ can educate themselves.


This stage is where the leads’ are willing to using the product\service. In this stage, the leads’ feel that their needs are satisfied, and further, they might sign up on our website for more information (i.e.) use the product for trial version.


In this stage, the leads’ have started to use the product\service of our website. They are learning what they need from our website and get results. Also, to mention, the website should provide information that is real and should deliver what is promised. At this stage, they are building their trust.


The selling stage is where leads’ become our customers. In this stage, they have purchased our product\service and have started to consume them. Customers come back to buy more of the product/service and also will recommend to others.

Let us conclude by saying, it is very important to satisfy the needs of our customers. Companies should learn the requirements of their customers and plan the funnel according to it. Sales Funnel helps to build a proper relationship with the leads & customers.

Sales Funnel plays a vital role, and if you want to prepare sales funnel to make sure you optimize it. With no proper preparation of sales funnel, understanding the business process consumes plenty of time.