With electricity an essential part of our industrial and domestic purposes, electrical technicians are always in demand at any point of time.


In order to have a smooth flow of electrical power through all the equipments at work or home front, an electrician in both the places is a must.
Electricians are to be skilled enough to understand the dire consequences of an electrical fall out in a work place or on a home front like damaged house wiring, motor failure, power supply cut off etc. In such a scenario a training in the electrical field will hone the skills and knowledge of the electrician to gauge the situation well and take corrective actions on the spot without much delay.


Electricians have a throbbing employment throughout the year across the country. Their time varies based on their role. Maintenance electricians usually have daily work in an office front or a housing society.
There is a dearth of qualified electricians in the field and with the increasing demand for a good electrician; it is becoming essential that they are technically trained. Any electrical break down in a factory or a living space needs an electrician to probe the place for the cause of break down. In such emergencies, skilled and expert electrician will do the job in a jiffy unlike a raw electrician. Such situations call for a specific training module to enhance the job prospects of an electrician.


This program focuses on practical and theoretical training in Wire, cables and general electrical accessories, single phase AC circuit and Poly Phase system, Transmitter and Distribution of electricity, Dismantling process and the study of varied magnetic rotating appliances and fault finding and replacement of parts of washing machine. This training program grants many activities while the working application used in the classroom to reinforce the ideology you learn.
If you are an engineer, diploma holder, a 10th Pass/fail or an entrepreneur, this training will help you enhancing your skills further as an electrician for a job or for your own business.


  • Expert session
  • Hands-on Training


10th & 12th / Diploma Engineering


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